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Bell Book & Conservation is the portfolio site of Adrienne E. Bell. Here you will find information about me, my career, and my projects to date.

“The Trustees freeholders and Inhabitants of the Town Considering that many of the Old Books of the Town Records Were several of them were much Tattered Torn and much Defaced and In danger of being extinguished and Lying in Small paper Books uncovered and being very Difficult to find any particular passage therein having no alphabet to them Therefore for the preservation of the said Ancient Records for the future the said freeholders Trustees and inhabitants passed a Unanimous Vote an Appointed Solomon K- their Clerk to Reinscribe their said old Books Into a new Book or Books which is to be prepared for that purpose and at the same meeting the Trustees were Impowered to appoint another person to assist the said Solomon K- in the performing of the work in Transcribing the same.”

Records of the Town of Huntington, May 1769

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Client Testimonials

“The splendid conservation work you have done will allow us to continue sharing them with students and scholars for many, many more years.”
Suzanne Porter

“I still look often at the Folio and marvel at your work, especially the magnificent binding.”
Owner, First Folio of Ben Jonson